GrainCorp is proud to support community artworks across the country.



GrainCorp and the Silo Art

Since 2015, GrainCorp has supported silo art projects with the aim of reinvigorating some of Australia's smallest regional towns.

GrainCorp is one of Australia's largest regional employers, with a storage network stretching many thousands of kilometres from central Queensland, through New South Wales to Victoria. In many cases, our silos are the largest and tallest structures in town, visible for kilometres.

GrainCorp is proud to provide the silos as massive canvases to form the GrainCorp Silo Art. In addition, we have provided important safety and operational support and worked closely with the artists to ensure the artwork represents the character of the local community.

We have seen considerable benefits for the local communities as the artwork provides a focal point for the community and a fantastic reason for tourists to stop and visit the town.


The journey started in Brim

In 2015, a small community group approached us to paint the silos in their local town, Brim. 
The Brim silos were not in use and provided the perfect canvas for a massive artwork.

We worked closely with the community group to deliver the project with a special focus on safety. The result speaks for itself – and has started a national phenomenon.


Your local silo

Following the success of Brim, we have received hundreds of requests for more information on how to get local silos painted as part of the GrainCorp Silo Art.

We are excited to work with you to explore this possibility but there are some important conditions that must be met. You can find a policy document here that gives an overview of these considerations as well as other terms and conditions.

If your questions aren't answered, please get in touch with us.




GrainCorp Silo Art - Master Chef


GrainCorp and MasterChef

In February 2017, we facilitated the filming of one of Australia's most popular shows, MasterChef, in front of the Brim silos. We worked closely with the production team to safely install commercial kitchens and film equipment. Filming required over 100 contestants, crew and support staff – nearly more than Brim's population!

The Brim episode of MasterChef put Brim on the map – more than anything ever before.


GrainCorp Silo Art


The Silo Art Trail

In 2016, we partnered with the Yarriambiack Shire to deliver the Silo Art Trail. The Silo Art Trail is a 200km outdoor art gallery of silo artworks and the foundation of the GrainCorp Silo Art.

With funding from Creative Arts Victoria and the Australian Government, the trail has transformed the Mallee region of north-west Victoria.


GrainCorp Silo Art - Queensland



In Queensland, we have partnered with the Thallon Progress Association to paint our silos. The project is unique as Thallon is an operational site and in one of the most remote parts of our network. The artwork was launched in July 2017 and represented over two years of planning by the local community group.


Completed silo artwork